Thursday, July 24, 2008

buterflies of eden

EDEN TZEIN is a young graduate of Shenkar college of fashion and textile, her words: "I began the process with testing of materials, in references to butterflies, their symbolic and visual nature. A world of constant cycles of change and rebirth.In this method i treated the materials and the hole creating process during the project. My translation to this was using different manipulations of "subtraction" like burn out And "addition" like embroidery and braiding.Various combination of these manipulations created pieces of image, feeling, and sensation.Through the shapes of these magical new materials an imagery of a human being was brought to life.The garment was created In this way, to become an image.
Technique: printing, embroidery, burn out
Materials: woven cotton, knitted cotton, silk."
photographer: Ohad Matalon, Yegal Fredo


carolinahornauer said...

I´m very happy to find very nice blogs from around the world.
They are like windows or memories of travels.
Many greetings from chile


Kim Buchheit said...

i love all the thinking that is behind this beautiful project. it just adds to its authenticity! bravo! ~ kim

Michelle said...

Oh wow, this is a very special find, I love it so much.