Tuesday, April 06, 2010


...& me
I just received my copy of Print & Pattern book via amazon.
the book is about the textile and pattern makers of our time.
Print & Pattern book and the blog are attractive inspiration for many textile designers, craft makers and visual bloggers.
I'm honored and happy to be presented there with some of the designers that I admire so much.
Thanks Bowie !
Print and Pattern book | Bowie Style | Laurence King Publishing Ltd.


Keren Gillan said...

מזל - טוב אני ממש אהבתי את הספר וגם את העבודות שלך , את במצעים קניתי לבנות שלי בלי להכיר אותך קודם או את הבלוג שלך , תמשיכי בעבודה המקסימה .

all*over*print said...

תודה רבה

Yuval Etzioni said...

מזל טוב
העיצוב נראה נהדר כל הכבוד!

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Excellent! Well done you!:) :) :)

Dana Barbieri said...

That is great! Congratulations! It looks beautiful!

all*over*print said...

Thanks all!

Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely beautiful textile site hence the information about “All over print” dealing in color, design and interpretation. The site is the blog of Israeli. Ayelet Iontef. Ayelet is a textile artist and designer. Her blog says that she works as a freelance artist and she also teaches textile design from her home at Shenkar college. She states that “this blog is about my personal view on style, patterns and small beautiful things in everyday.” Come check out some of her very pretty and inspiring textile art. textile art .I have always admired the steps and patience that it takes to produce textile design. When I was in art school we learned the art of Batik. I just loved the wild and primitive designs we came up with. Ayelet’s site is truly loaded with international flavor and fresh and exciting new ideas. I commend her on a job well done and a charming site.

Anonymous said...

Felicitations! Congratulations Ayelet! This is an achievement and you truly deserve it. I love your textile design and you blog. The photos from the sea and the vintage shops gives me the desire to come and visit.