Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aurora Ira

I met Ira first when she where one of my brilliant Textile design students at Shenkar.
recently we met again and I sujested here to share with you here work and idias.
aurora ira, currently is based in tel aviv, working in oil painting,
installation, mixed media, textile and fashion design.
the question of the possible dialog between (commonly regarded as
confronting) the contemporary art and design stands in the focus of
Ira's systematic research.
despite her natural affection for arts and especially painting, study
at Shenkar School of Design was the formal education of Ira's choice.
in 2001, aurora ira was graduated with distinction from the Textile
Design department.
During an internship at Ratti S.p.A (Como, North Italy) Ira has
refined her understanding of the textile design tradition, laying the
basis for development of a designer career in the leading fashion
Nevertheless, in the course of the few last years, her interest in
contemporary art was increasingly reappearing, adding up to the
acquired design addiction.
"It's Like Hanoch Levin's Dead Children, the question is which one you
leave a chance to live" - says ira.
Therefore, the complex mixed media projects, a recent Ira's work, is
an attempt to define precisely the borders between the contemporary
art and design, undertaken by using the similar visual ideas in both
the art and the design parts of this project, leaving the concept
behind as the only difference between the two.
recent works
WELL DONE project is includes oil paintings, photography, textiles,
half-paper/half-fabric garments and cocktail dresses.
It has been started approximately a year ago and still is in the
process of research, exploring life and death.
Part of the work was recently presented at Gebo Art Space (America
House, 35 Shaul Hamelech Blvd. Tel Aviv)
website here.

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