Friday, November 20, 2009

print & rain symphony by Mina Perhonen for Senz

Two remarkable designs have come to life as the new special signature editions of the SENZ storm umbrella. These wonderful creations are the result of the collaboration with Japanese design label Minä Perhonen.
SENZ was started out of pure frustration with traditional umbrellas. You probably know what we mean: Traditional umbrellas tend to break quickly, they go inside-out, poke you in the eye, give you bad vision, etc... They're just very uncomfortable.
Check out the wonderful SENZ by Minä Perhonen video starring Rain Symphony!
Minä Perhonen webesite


Flora Márquez said...

WOW! Really cool umbrellas!!

Anonymous said...
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Raru said...

I like this umbrellas a lot.
Thanks for sharing. :)