Monday, December 08, 2008

lets make hand made holiday card

make hand made holiday card
cut any paper to 12x12cm (CD size)
make Grey or black line
color it in and out of the lines (2mm. minimum line is recommended)
sent it as jpg. to my mail don't forget to write your name and contact details
share it with all*over*print and coloring book blog readers
waiting to receive your many submissions
I will post the very best of them
*sorry but I cant promise to publish all cards


Simone said...

Great idea! Like how the cards have turned out. I managed to finish my book this weekend, so the blog is now up and running (finally!).

robin ann mcintosh said...

this is a great idea, so creative! and kind of a cool window into your creative process & the end results I am so consistently impressed by! :)

Lucky said...

those are gorgeous!

The collector said...

איזה יפה זה!!!
עושה חשק לשבת לצייר...
בזמני הפנוי