Saturday, October 25, 2008

my first textile design

made by me when i was 10 years old (1975) watercolor on cotton fabric, isn't it sweet ?


Maya said...

Hi Ayelet, I'm Maya - also from Israel. מה נשמע?
Your blog is beautiful - it shows our country from a new and colorful point of view. You are a true inspiration.

Beani said...

very sweet, promising colorist!

laura a said...

Belleza total.
Tengo tu blog entre mis favoritos.
que bueno guardar algo así!!!
Saludos desde Buenos Aires

Lucky said...

i love it - what is the translation? it looks like little girl in the lower middle right section.

Jen Bradford said...

What a treasure - you must have been so excited and proud! (We are nearly the same age - I was 10 in '76.)

meg said...

it's gorgeous! you should print that up on spoonflower!