Sunday, January 13, 2008

all over print at Hiemtextil 08

Hi everyone I just come back from Hiemtextil exhibition in Frankfurt. i'm posting few pictures of my booth at the designers Hall where i presented my creations. we receive very good responses , thanks for all visitors and clients from all over the world
it was exciting to meet some new talented friends i will post (and link) about them soon


Janis said...

Great display of your work!

corine said...

Your booth looks like it stood out. Congratulations!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Such a beautiful crochet design. What are those exactly?

all*over*print said...

hi maryam and thanks for compliments
crochet is one of my designs witch i use on my new set of business cards
some of the patterns sold so i skip the rest of the set..

Mels Brushes said...

Your work is fantastic - this looks like a great stand you had. Reading your blog reminds me of my student days studying textiles. I quite miss it (i do graphics and web studd nowadays), Anyway - i enjoyed my visit here!