Sunday, October 07, 2007

new designs

new designs created by all*over*print studio inspired by reconstructed flowers shapes


madelyn said...

I was so enamored with your
pretty journal in the top photo -
really inspiring for me as I love
to doodle in my journals and
now I want to make some sweet

you are such a wonderful artist:)

all*over*print said...

thanks a lot !!!

Nest Desings and things said...

Oh, Ayelet the designs are sooooo beautiful! will it come out in fabric? I would buy it right away!!!!!

all*over*print said...

hi and thanks nest...
this are motives that finely I develop to design (on paper),usually i sell the pattern as idea to textile companies which develop fabrics,paper or carpets,this is part of group of designs i create as new collection to present at HEIMTEXTIL 08 Frankfurt on January.

Anonymous said...

gah! I love your blog. It's amazing, so much colour & your designs are really lovely . I'm glad I stumbled here !